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Various artists - Django Unchained

Music always rules in Quentin Tarantino movies—remember John Travolta and Uma Thurman dancing to Chuck Berry in Pulp Fiction ? The director’s latest is no exception, featuring funk from James Brown, a soulful duet between Anthony Hamilton and Elayna Boynton and an evocative score from spaghetti Western legend Ennio Morricone.
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Various artists - West of Memphis: Voices for Justice

Few cases have galvanized Hollywood and the music community more than the story of three teenage boys wrongfully convicted for the murder of three Cub Scouts. The Memphis Three’s release, following 18 years of imprisonment, came after fundraising efforts by director Peter Jackson, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder and Dixie Chick Natalie Maines. Says actor Johnny Depp, another supporter: “I was instantly struck by how heinous a crime [it was], but also the wave of injustice that followed it.” The soundtrack to a documentary about the case captures the passion of those voices and includes Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams and Johnny’s band Tonto’s Giant Nuts delivering a dark version of Mumford & Sons’ ...
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Various artists - On the Road

The Jack Kerouac novel’s movie adaptation, starring Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley and Kristen Stewart, captures the story’s beatnik spirit with a cool soundtrack of late-’40s jazz and blues. Along with songs by Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and Charlie Parker, the collection includes Slim Gaillard’s finger-snapping classic “Hit That Jive Jack.”
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Various artists - This is 40

Director Judd Apatow’s Knocked Up spin off features an eclectic mix of songs old (Paul McCartney’s quirky “Lunch Box/Odd Sox” and Yoko Ono’s whimsical “Yes, I’m Your Angel”) and new (Norah Jones’ “Always Judging” and Fiona Apple’s provocative “Dull Tool”). Also included is Paul Simon’s poignant “Rewrite,” the perfect ode to a midlife crisis.
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Various artists - Les Misèrables

The movie adaptation of the enduring musical is one of the holiday season’s most anticipated treats. Its soundtrack—due out Dec. 25—is the proverbial icing on the Christmas cake, with star Anne Hathaway delivering a stirring “I Dreamed a Dream” and Hugh Jackman tackling “Suddenly,” written especially for the film.
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Various artists - Best of Bond…James Bond

Nobody does Bond better than Shirley Bassey. This collection, celebrating 50 years of 007 movies, features Dame Shirley belting out three of the franchise’s favorite themes. Other highlights include Madonna’s pulsing “Die Another Day,” Paul McCartney & Wings’ soaring “Let and Let Die” and Tom Jones’ thunderous “Thunderball.”
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Various artists - Sparkle

When Whitney Houston passing away last February, the world mourned the loss of a gifted artist. Fortunately, she left a large body of work in music and film for which she’ll be remembered, including Sparkle , her remake of the 1976 movie about three singing sisters who form a Motown girl group. The film marks Houston’s fifth and final role, in which she plays the girls’ single mother, while the soundtrack includes two songs that were the legendary singer’s last recordings. The soundtrack includes performances by Carmen Ejojo, Tika Sumpter and American Idol winner Jordin Sparks as the sisters, including “Something He Can Feel,” a hit for Aretha Franklin. It also features Cee Lo Green on the h...
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