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The Perishers - Victorious

Swedish music generally breaks down into the garage-rock of The Hives or the dream-pop of The Cardigans. Warm and fuzzy, The Perishers’ sound definitely belongs in the latter camp. No wonder the group, led by singer-guitarist Ola Klüft, has been featured on TV’s The O.C. and opened for Sarah McLachlan. Still, the band’s third album has its share of surprises. Despite Hallmark titles like “Get Well” and “To Start Anew,” the band’s hopeful songs are melodically fresh, lyrically astute and—best of all—cliché-free.Sept. 4        
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Ben Harper & the Innocent Criminals - Lifeline

Along with Dave Matthews, Harper leads the surfer brand of blissed-out blues, folk, reggae and jam-band music that includes Jack Johnson and Xavier Rudd. The acoustic songs on Harper’s latest, recorded in Paris with his group the Innocent Criminals, should go over well with the sun-baked, smoked-out summer festival crowd, especially the footloose “Say You Will,” the empowering “Fight Outta You,” the gospel-tinged soul number “Needed You Tonight” and the hypnotic guitar instrumental “Paris Sunrise #7.” Aug. 28
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Linda Thompson - Versatile Heart

Thompson made six classic folk-rock albums with her then-husband Richard and released her solo debut, One Clear Moment, in 1985. She waited 17 years before her next, the aptly titled Fashionably Late. Now, Thompson is back with a gorgeous collection of folk songs, including Tom Waits’ “Day After Tomorrow,” many co-written with her son, Teddy, and one penned by her daughter, Kamilla. But the highlight is Thompson’s own “Whisky, Bob Copper and Me,” a deeply moving ballad steeped in rich Celtic traditions.Aug. 14
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