By Nicholas Jennings on Wednesday, 25 July 2018
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Music Review: Rick Astley - Beautiful Life

The deep-voiced British singer with the high ginger pompadour became a sudden sensation in 1988, when his debut single, the irrepressibly buoyant dance-pop number “Never Gonna Give You Up,” topped the charts in 25 countries. But when the hits dried up, Astley happily retired from music to raise his daughter Emilie with Danish film producer wife Lene Bausager. His return to music eventually resulted in 50, his first album to reach number one in the U.K. since his debut, Whenever You Need Somebody. Now, to prove his 2016 comeback was no fluke, Astley has returned with his ninth studio album. Like 50, each of the new 12 tracks are written, produced and played by the Lancashire-born artist. The album’s joyous title track is an anthem of optimism, while “Empty Heart” is a heartfelt ballad with a soaring chorus about starting over. Enjoying his late career resurgence, Rick is on another roll.