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Shawn Desman - Shawn Desman

Desman’s a song-and-dance man from Toronto’s Portuguese community. Story goes that when he was a pre-schooler, his mum sat little Shawn in front of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video, which he watched repeatedly for years, soaking up much of that showmanship. While Desman clearly has some moves (check out the video for “Get Ready,” his first single), his overall sound owes more to the slickness of the Backstreet Boys than any of Wacko Jacko’s early work. Ultimately, there’s too much sugar-sweet pop and not enough hip-hop influence.
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Thicke - Cherry Blue Skies

The son of Canadian actor Alan Thicke and American soap star Gloria Lorring is the latest celebrity offspring to embark on a music career. Signed to Babyface’s NuAmerica label, singer-keyboardist Thicke (née Robin Thicke) serves up a smorgasbord on his debut album. “Brand New Jones” swings like Stevie Wonder, while the disco-ish “Alone” recalls Michael Jackson and the funky opening “Oh Shooter” suggests Beck. The title track, which deals with 9/11 (yes, Thicke was also in NYC on the day), rocks like Lenny Kravitz. Eclectic in the extreme.
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Shaggy - Lucky Day

Shaggy’s lucky day came in 1993 when he recorded a Rastafarian tune called “Oh Carolina,” written by Jamaica’s John Folkes, now an Ontario resident. The song sold more than 600,000 copies in England alone and made Shaggy (born Orville Burrell) an international superstar (Folkes, meanwhile, lost a longstanding court battle with Greensleeves Publishing and Virgin Music for any royalties to his song). Oh Corporations. Shaggy describes his latest album as a “pro-woman” affair. But, with a first single called “Hey Sexy Lady,” it sounds dubious.
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