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Tori Amos - Strange Little Girls

Take a dozen oldies, chop and mix in a blender, changing tempo and adding a woman’s perspective and—voila!—retro rock with a feminist twist. Amos’ recipe produces powerful results, recasting 10cc’s “I’m Not in Love” and Neil Young’s “Heart of Gold” as dark commentaries on the state of the sexes. But the best is a recent cover, an inspired version of Eminem’s disturbing “’97 Bonnie & Clyde.”
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La Bottine Souriante - Cordial

An institution in their native province, La Bottine Souriante are Quebec’s answer to Louisiana’s Beausoleil or Ireland’s The Chieftains. Taking Quebec fiddle tunes, absurdist ballads and bawdy drinking songs, the nine-piece ensemble put an infectious, modern spin on vintage Canadiana. With the right marketing, these guys could become the musical glue that holds the country together.
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Music Review: Diana Krall - The Look of Love

Soft, subtle, subdued, seductive. Canada’s celebrated singer-pianist seems to attract alliterative adjectives with her brand of smooth and sophisticated jazz. No surprises here, just more exquisitely phrased chestnuts, a sensuous Latin tinge and stately backing by the London Symphony Orchestra. Krall could be accused of playing it safe, but why mess with such a successful sound?
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Macy Gray - The Id

With the Freudian album title and tracks like “Psychopath,” you might fear that the world’s most distinctive soul singer has been on the therapist’s couch and turned all dark and introspective. In fact, her latest is a giddy romp through rock, funk, disco and hip-hop and even includes the wild, Threepenny Opera -ish “Oblivion.” Turns out, Gray just got in touch with her freak side and went for full-on eclecticism.
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Neil Finn - One Nil

Fans of clever, mellifluous pop mourned the 1996 loss of Australia’s Crowded House, a trio that created more memorable music over the course of four albums than most artists can dream of producing in a lifetime.  Two years later, the man behind those songs got back in the game with Try Whistling This , an overlooked solo debut than contained at least two instant classics: “Addicted” and “She Will Have Her Way.” With One Nil, Finn has scored another winner. Featuring guest appearances by ex-Prince girls Wendy Melvoin and Lisa Coleman, the album contains such melodic gems as “Anytime” and “Secret God” and again proves Finn a pop genius with few equals.
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Garbage - BeautifulGarbage

Scottish-born Shirely Manson is a red-haired force of nature who favors short skirts, big boots and swears like a drunken sailor.  But she also howls like a hellcat and fronts this stylish electronic rock group from Madison, Wis., whose self-titled debut and followup, Version 2.0 , sold over eight million copies. Judging from the buzz, this will be one of the season’s most eagerly anticipated releases.
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Bruce Guthro - Guthro

Breaking out of the country-music straightjacket has proven tricky for the native of Sydney Mines, N.S. He’s tried singing with the Scottish band Runrig. On his latest album, he’s employed producers as diverse as Malcolm Burn (Emmylou Harris), John Hampton (Gin Blossoms) and Cracker’s David Lowery. For all that, the talented singer-songwriter still sounds most convincing when crooning blue-collar ballads with a twang like “Factory Line,” the album’s first single.
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