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Gordon Lightfoot - Before he went solo

Before he became the quintessential troubadour and one of the world’s greatest singer-songwriters, composer of such classics as “Early Morning Rain,” “If You Could Read My Mind, “Sundown” and “Carefree Highway,” Gordon Lightfoot sang in a fledgling pop duo called the Two Tones. Together with Terry Whelan, a high school classmate from Orillia, Lightfoot started out first in a 1950s barbershop quartet called the Teen Timers. When the quartet broke up, he and Whelan formed a teenage duo that they initially called the Two Timers, a roguish variation on the former group’s name. Dressed in suits with slicked-back hair, the Two Timers fancied themselves an Everly Brothers-style act. With Lightfoot ...
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Lightfoot - out today

Jennings and Lightfoot, 2016. Photo by Light Monkey.
Today is the day. Many years in the works. Months of digging in newspaper and magazine archives. Countless hours interviewing, even more transcribing. Endless scanning of photographs and documents. And then the writing and rewriting, trying to make sense of the material and shape it into a readable story that hopefully does justice to a complicated man, his extraordinary life and rich body of work. It's been daunting, but I'm thrilled that my biography of Gordon Lightfoot is now out in the world, available wherever good books are sold as they say. Ultimately, I'm proud to be associated with a great artist whose music I've known and loved since childhood.
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Lightfoot - The book that finally allows you to read his mind

Gordon Lightfoot is notoriously shy. The man who wrote such classic songs as “Sundown, “Early Morning Rain” and most famously “If You Could Read My Mind” has always kept his personal life private, preferring to let his music speak for him. Now, for the first time in his long and celebrated career, the legendary artist has allowed a comprehensive biography to be published that takes readers deep inside his world, into his fascinating back story and the influences and relationships that inspired and shaped his most popular songs. Lightfoot granted Nicholas Jennings unprecedented access to him through long and extensive interviews. It was a trust earned over many years. Besides interviews, he s...
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Definitive Lightfoot Biography Coming

Definitive Lightfoot Biography Coming
May 9, 2017. Toronto, Canada  Penguin Canada Publisher Nicole Winstanley and Publishing Director Diane Turbide are proud to announce the forthcoming publication of LIGHTFOOT by Nicholas Jennings. The book will be published under the Viking Canada imprint on September 26, 2017; the deal was negotiated by agent Jackie Kaiser of Westwood Creative Artists. "We're thrilled to be publishing what will be the definitive biography of one of Canada's best singer-songwriters," says Turbide. "Nick Jennings has had a long-standing relationship with Gordon Lightfoot, and his book enlarges our understanding of how an inspired songwriter works. I think it's going to d...
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Music Review: Neil Young - Hitchhiker

Music Review: Neil Young - Hitchhiker
His Harvest album was the biggest-seller of 1972, but Neil wasn’t happy. “‘Heart of Gold’ put me in the middle of the road,” he later wrote. “Traveling there soon became a bore so I headed for the ditch.” The ditch meant a trio of darker, abrasive albums that left some fans craving for more acoustic songs. This 10-song collection, recorded in 1976 but left in Neil’s vaults until now, sounds a lot like a companion to Harvest . It features stripped-down versions of “Pocahontas” and “Powderfinger” that he later recorded with Crazy Horse. “Campaigner” and “Human Highway” sound relevant all over again with their messages about political deception and mean spiritedness. The former cites Richard Ni...
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