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Ella Henderson - Chapter One

ellaHenderson hails from the tiny English village of Tetney, “a place where you had to use your imagination to have fun.” That imagination shines through on the 19-year-old’s debut album, which features the hit single “Ghost, co-written with Adele songwriter Ryan Tedder. “I keep going to the river to pray, ’cause I need something that can wash all the pain,” she sings on the gospel-tinged track, conjuring up images of the Deep South. On the slow-burning “Glow,” Henderson draws pictures of golden sea treasures and shooting flames to express an undying love. But she also gets deeply personal on the touching ballad “Yours” and the r&b-inspired “Mirror Man,” dishing on a self-absorbed lover. With her soulful vocals and evocative lyrics, Henderson’s future looks bright.

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