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Stone Temple Pilots - Shangri-La Dee Da

The drug misadventures of frontman Scott Weiland have wreaked havoc on the life of this hard-rocking SoCal outfit. Weiland’s heroin habit and continual arrests have led to uneven solo albums and side projects and created uncertainty about the future of this once top-selling band. Longtime producer Brendan O’Brien is at the helm again, for what could be the group’s make-or-break album.
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Leahy - Lakefield

Think of the new Leahy as a cross between those other sibling acts, the Rankins and Ireland’s the Corrs. While still steeped in Celtic fiddle music, the nine Leahy brothers and sisters from rural Ontario have clearly benefited from touring with country-pop diva Shania Twain. The group’s second album, produced by Nigel Green (the engineer of projects by Shania’s hubby, Mutt Lange), has a polished pop edge. And the once strictly instrumental and stepdancing group now features vocals from the five Leahy girls.
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Sugar Jones - Sugar Jones

Manufactured pop for boob-tube viewers. The international TV series PopStars has so far spawned groups from England, Australia and the United States. Sugar Jones, the product of the show’s Canadian franchise, has already launched its first single, a forgettable piece of fluff called “Days Like That.” The album, assembled by songwriters and producers whose clients include Nelly Furtado, Jacksoul and McMaster & James, is due out any day. If this is pop’s future, be afraid, or at least very depressed.
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Various Artists - Oh What a Feeling 2

A music lover recently burned a compilation CD on his computer titled Northern Nuggets: Forgotten Sounds of the '60s . On it, he recorded a wonderful assortment of obscure songs by Canadians, including "One Single River (A Song for Canada)." Performed by Bob Dylan and The Band, the outtake from 1967's The Genuine Basement Tapes I-II was written by Ian Tyson and Peter Gzowski, no less. Sadly, there are no such curiosities on Oh What a Feeling 2 , the four-CD box set issued to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Juno Awards. Like its 1996 predecessor, which sold an impressive 250,000 co-pies, the latest package favours only the best-known Canadian songs of the last four decades. Still, as ...
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Marcus Roberts Trio - Cole After Midnight

The bonus here: two Coles on one album. Having paid tribute to Ellington on 1998’s In Honor of Duke , the celebrated jazz pianist and his group (bassist Roland Guerin and drummer Jason Marsalis, younger brother of Wynton and Branford) pay homage to the music of Nat King Cole and Cole Porter. It makes for a dandy package, including tasty versions of such beloved chestnuts “Mona Lisa” and “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.”
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The Beta Band - Hot Shots II

That scene in High Fidelity , where Rob (John Cusak) hooks customers in his Championship Vinyl record shop by playing an album of trippy pop, has done wonders for this cool, unassuming Scottish quartet. On its second full-length disc, the once-obscure band delves deeper into dub, electronica and other dreamy soundscapes. While most of it has a sunny vibe, one tracks cleverly turns Harry Nilsson’s “One” into a nightmarish rap about “virtual reality.” Serious headphone music.
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David Usher - Morning Orbit

How to ensure your solo career doesn’t threaten the stability of your band? If you’re David Usher, you co-opt fellow Moist men Mark Makoway and Jeff Pearce to co-produce. Usher also wisely enlists rapper Snow and My Brilliant Beast singer Julia Galios and employs lush strings and operatic voices on the seductive “Black Black Heart.” The album’s best cut, the anthemic “Alone in the Universe,” may even become a bigger hit than Moist’s own singles. What then?
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