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Dwight Yoakam - Reprise Please Baby: The Warner Bros. Years

Yoakam burst onto the country scene in 1986, the same year as Steve Earle. And while Yoakam seemed initially like a stylized poser, he has long since proven himself the real McCoy: an inventive, crooning guitarist with a genuine love of honky-tonk tradition. Featuring 87 tracks from a dozen studio recordings, tribute albums, soundtracks and concerts as well as many previously unreleased songs, this four-CD set shows that while he may have been originally inspired by Buck Owens, Yoakam’s musical tastes are much broader. Along with hits like his “Guitars, Cadillacs” and “I Sang Dixie,” the collection includes tributes to Merle Haggard, Kinky Friedman and Bob Willis & the Texas Playboys as well...
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Stringband - The Indispensable 1972-2002

Like many fruitful partnerships, Bob Bossin and Marie-Lynn Hammond found beauty amid friction. Bossin was Stringband’s banjo player, political activist and all-round ham, while Hammond was its lead singer, resident eye candy and tasteful critic within the group who found Bossin’s penchant for corny jokes and mismatched socks intolerable. And yet, individually, each wrote inspired, folky slices of Canadiana and together made such classic albums as Canadian Sunset and National Melodies . This two-CD set collects Stringband’s best-known work, including Bossin’s "Newfoundlanders,” “The Maple Leaf Dog” and “Dief Will Be Chief Again” and Hammond’s “Vancouver,” “Country Music” and “I Don’t Sleep wi...
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Björk - Family Tree

How very Björk. This six-CD collection, packaged in a custom-made transparent pink plastic case designed by Parisian design team M/M with illustrations by Icelandic artist Gabriella Fridriksdottir, is easily this season’s most eccentric box set. Each of the CDs (five 3-inch discs and one 5-inch disc) has its own theme: roots and strings (two discs each), beats and greatest hits (as chosen by her and not to be confused with the also available Greatest Hits , which was selected by fans who voted for their favourite songs at Björk’s official website). Are you still with us? There’s also a 16-page lyric booklet and a “family tree map,” basically a credit list with the elfin artist’s own handwrit...
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Roxy Music - The Best of Roxy Music

What better time for a Roxy revival? Although England’s elegant art-rockers are getting rather long in the tooth, with dapper Bryan Ferry now 55 and looking it, their brand of lush romantic pop just seems so well suited to sultry summer nights. This 18-track compilation, featuring the sensuous hits “Avalon” and “Love is the Drug,” serves as a teaser to Roxy’s upcoming world tour—the band’s first since 1983.
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Blink 182 - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

With their goofy, cartoon-like image, it’s easy not to take this California new-school punk trio seriously. But infectious tunes, deft musicianship and more than four million + sales of their last album, Enema of the State, prove these young dudes mean business. The new album, produced again by Jerry Finn, is bound to spawn numerous frantic singles, like their first bit of hyperactivity, “Rock Show.”
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Various Artists - Nuggets II: Artyfacts from the British Empire and Beyond

Displaying exemplary worldliness for a U.S. label, Rhino Records serves up strictly non-American garage rock classics on this fabulous box-set sequel. So instead of Yankee groups like the Electric Prunes and Strawberry Alarm Clock, this time we get bands like England’s Pretty Things and the wonderful Missing Links from Down Under. Best of all, the Great White North is represented by spaced-out punk screamers from Toronto’s Ugly Ducklings, Montreal’s the Haunted, Winnipeg’s the Jury and even the Guess Who—with our Burton at his sneering best.
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Various Artists - Not the Same Old Blues Crap II

Its artists may not have the same currency as other labels’ rosters, but Fat Possum Records boasts the genuine article when it comes to raw, unadulterated Mississippi blues. Musicians like R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough and T-Model Ford play the primitive, gutbucket music of country house parties and southern juke joints. Crude, yes, but dangerous and electrifying enough to give the most jaded listener shivers.
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