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Charli XCX - Sucker

England’s Charli XCX currently rules as one of pop’s hottest properties, having written two of the biggest songs in recent memory: Icona Pop’s trashy smash “I Love It” and Iggy Azalea’s sassy blockbuster “Fancy,” which has earned her and the Aussie rapper a pair of nominations at next year’s Grammys. This summer, Charli, born Charlotte Aitchison, had her song “Boom Clap” featured in the hit movie Fault in Our Stars and another, “Kingdom,” in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Pt. 1 . Now the 22-year-old star has her second major-label album ready to dominate the charts. Featuring the heart-thumping “Boom Clap” and her delightfully bratty “Break the Rules,” both already hits, the 13-track collectio...
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Various artists - The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

After 16 years and six epic films, Canadian-born soundtrack wizard Howard Shore brings the big-screen adaptions of J.R.R. Tolkien’s celebrated novels to a stirring conclusion. The award-winning composer’s score ends with Billy Boyd (Pippin in Lord of the Rings ), singing “The Last Goodbye,” an emotional ballad bound to bring goosebumps.
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Various artists - The Last Ship

Sting introduced the moving tale of life in his shipyard home in northeast England on his 2013 album of the same name, which has now inspired a Broadway musical. Soundtrack highlights include Sting’s classic “When We Dance” and two versions of his stirring ballad “What Say You, Meg,” including one sung by the man himself.
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Various artists - Into the Woods

The movie version of Stephen Sondheim’s musical, which draws from several Grimm fairy tales, is certain to be a Christmas box-office smash. The soundtrack features a 69-piece orchestra and thrilling performances by such stars as Meryl Streep (the Witch), Johnny Depp (the Wolf) and Emily Blunt (the Baker’s Wife).
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Carrie Underwood - Greatest Hits: Decade #1

It’s hard to believe it’s only been a decade since the small-town Oklahoma girl auditioned for American Idol . But here’s the country superstar’s first retrospective, featuring many of her chart-topping hits, including “Cowboy Casanova,” and two new songs: the soaring “Something in the Water” and the poignant “Little Toy Guns.”
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Various artists - Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

The excitement around the soundtrack rivals that for the sci-fi series’ third instalment. Besides Charli XCX and Grace Jones, the album features Lorde, the collection’s curator, on the opening hip-hop jam “Meltdown,” the closing Bright Eyes ballad “Ladder Song” and two versions of her “Yellow Flicker Beat,” including a moody remix by Kanye West.
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Iggy Azalea - Re-Classified

Azalea’s ultra-catchy single “Fancy” was the standout track from her breakout disc and is reprised here in the Aussie rapper’s latest collection. The repackaged album features five new songs, including “Beg For It,” a similarly hook-filled number in which Danish singer M Ø sings a Charli XCX-style chorus. Call it “Fancy, Part 2.”
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