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The home of music journalist Nicholas Jennings, author of Lightfoot, the definitive new Gordon Lightfoot biography from Penguin Random House.

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs Deluxe Edition

Arcade Fire - The Suburbs Deluxe EditionArcade Fire’s Album of the Year win at this year’s Grammys had Rosie O’Donnell and others tweeting that they’d never heard of them. But the Montreal indie band has won many new converts since, including Rosie, so this re-released version of its epic album is timely. It features two new songs, “Culture War” and “Speaking in Tongues,” featuring Talking Heads’ David Byrne, an 80-page booklet and a 30-minute film by Spike Jonze that was inspired by the album’s provocative, bittersweet view of suburban childhood.
Barbra Streisand - What Matters Most
Tim Robbins & the Rogues Gallery Band - Tim Robbin...

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