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Music Review: Wes Dakus & the Rebels - Volume 2

Like The Ventures, The Shadows and other instrumental guitar bands in the 1960s, Wes Dakus & the Rebels offered a cool alternative to vocal groups of the day. The talented Edmonton outfit got to record at Buddy Holly’s legendary studio in Clovis, New Mexico where it cut such reverb-heavy originals as “Hobo,” “Sour Biscuits” and “Fried Rice.” Now thankfully back in circulation, these highly danceable tracks—including the slinky classic “Rattlesnake”—revive the twanging thrill of Canada’s pioneering beat group.
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Music Review: Wes Dakus & the Rebels - Volume One

Music Review: Wes Dakus & the Rebels - Volume One
Fans of twangy instrumental rock (Ventures, Shadows, etc.) will be thrilled by this reissue set devoted to the legendary Edmonton group. Dakus and his band ruled Western Canada in the late 1950s and early ’60s. Tasty singles like “El Ringo” and the weird ’n’ wacky “Dog Food” brought them to the attention of producer Norman Petty (Buddy Holly), who eventually recorded “Pedro’s Pad” and “Side Winder” (both included here) at his Clovis, New Mexico studio. Irresistible stuff, with two more volumes to come.
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Blog Post: Rune Halland and Cruisin' Records

Blog Post: Rune Halland and Cruisin' Records
Rune Halland, of Oslo’s Cruisin’ Records, caught the music bug—you could say a case of rockin’ pneumonia and the boogie-woogie flu—at an early age. At 22, the university student made a pilgrimage all the way to New Orleans, the cradle of jazz and the home of rhythm & blues greats like Fats Domino, Professor Longhair and Allen Toussaint.  While in the Big Easy, Halland heard that his hellcat hero Jerry Lee Lewis was performing in Detroit. He excitedly bought a bus ticket and headed north, only to find when he arrived in the Motor City, after an arduous 30-hour-long journey, that the Killer had cancelled. What to do? After wandering the mean streets of Detroit, in predominantly black ...
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