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Macy Gray: Outlandish, outrageous and utterly original

The High Priestess of Freak is looking suspiciously like a Volvo Driving Soccer Mom. Dressed in a denim shirt, track pants and running shoes, with only a white, fun-fur cowboy hat hinting at her outlandish style, Macy Gray arrives at a studio in Burbank, California for a rehearsal with her seven-piece band. She’s late and her group has already run through most her repertoire. But the singer doesn’t seem the least bit concerned. Instead, Gray plonks herself down on a couch, curls her long, lanky frame up at one end of it and hides beneath the wide brim of her hat, nodding occasionally along to the music. She seems bored or at least tired—which would be entirely understandable, given that she’...
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Michael Jackson - Xscape

After the King of Pop died in 2009, his record company rushed to cash in on his legacy. Now, in the hands of top producers like Timbaland, Michael’s talent gets the respectful treatment it deserves. Xscape features unreleased songs recorded between 1983 and 1999 and provides them in original demo form and newly produced versions. Highlights include the soulful “Loving You” and the joyous “Love Never Felt So Good,” which also comes as a giddy posthumous duet between Michael and Justin Timberlake. Outtakes never sounded so good.
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Lisa Marie Presley - Storm and Grace

It couldn’t have been easy growing up in the shadow of her famous father. Lisa Marie, Elvis’ daughter with Priscilla, struggled through three marriages to musician Danny Keough, with whom she had two children, superstar Michael Jackson and actor Nicolas Cage. Now happily married to guitarist Michael Lockwood, with whom she has twin girls, the 44-year-old singer has just released the authentic sounding Storm and Grace. Says Presley: “It’s me without any attitude or anger at a time of rediscovery.” Produced by T-Bone Burnett, Storm and Grace reveals an artist baring her soul and embracing her Southern roots. Mixing country, folk and blues, Presley delivers moody confessionals like “Over Me” an...
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Janet Jackson - Number Ones

Janet Jackson is a survivor. As the baby in pop’s most famous family, Janet had to fight for attention and to be taken seriously. Launching her recording career just as brother Michael’s popularity was exploding, she lived in his shadow for many years—until she asserted her own image and a sound that mixed elements of r&b, funk, rap and new jack swing. By the end of the 1990s, she rivaled even the King of Pop as one of the decade’s most successful recording artists. A new compilation, Number Ones, charts Jackson’s rise from her 1986 breakthrough Control album to 2001’s multimillion-selling All for You. The 12 tracks range from love songs to statements of female empowerment. Control’s “Na...
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Lisa Marie Presley - To Whom It May Concern

As the daughter of the King of Rock ’n’ Roll and the former wife of the self-proclaimed King of Pop (a.k.a. Wacko Jacko), poor little Lisa Marie comes with a whole heap of baggage. But the tabloid target is sure to silence her critics with her long-awaited debut. Inheriting her father’s deep, sultry voice and writing all of the songs, including the hard-rocking confessional “S.O.B.” and “Lights Out,” the surprisingly frank ode to Graceland’s dark side, Elvis’ and Priscilla’s lovechild has acquitted herself admirably.
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