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Blog Post: One to Watch - Charlotte Cardin

Blog Post: One to Watch - Charlotte Cardin

Her parents are scientists and at one time Charlotte planned to become a doctor. There were other influences. Growing up in Montreal, she took singing lessons. With her striking looks, Charlotte also fell into modeling and signed with Elite Model Management in Paris. But it was her second place showing on Quebec TV’s popular La Voix (a French version of The Voice) that sealed Charlotte’s future in music. She began performing in intimate clubs and recorded Big Boy, a six-song EP that showcased her seductive voice and minimalist, jazz-tinged style. Language is no barrier. “I write a lot more in English, even though French is my first language,” she says. Now touring widely and finishing up her first full-length album, Charlotte has everything in place for a long career. “I did the whole music thing the opposite way because I started singing in front of two million people (on La Voix) and now I play venues with 100 people,” says Charlotte. “It prepared me for what I’m doing now.” 

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