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Music Review: Jason Mraz - Know


Mraz is unapologetically wholesome. He likens his live show to a yoga class. His albums always have at least one song with love in the title. That sunny outlook helped the talented singer-songwriter win two Grammy Awards and sell over seven million albums. But it all went sour when America’s political climate turned toxic. Despondent, Mraz wrote several protest songs that failed to connect and he briefly considered quitting. But a stint on Broadway restored his love of performing and he decided he “could be of more service as the voice of optimism.” Mraz's sixth album is just the right tonic for these dark times. “Love is Still the Answer” is a gorgeous ode to positivity, much like the reggae-tinged “Have It All.” And “All About the Bass” star Meghan Trainor joins him on the upbeat “More Than Friends.” But, with his melodic tunes and mellifluous tenor, Mraz has the power to lift spirits all by himself.

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