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Music Review: Serena Ryder - Utopia

Music Review: Serena Ryder - Utopia

Ryder’s breakthrough came with 2012’s Harmony, which featured two massive hits: the snappy love song “What I Wouldn’t Do” and the thunderous rock anthem “Stompa.” That album was forged out of a romantic breakup—as was this powerful followup. The Canadian star is now in a happy relationship with Trews frontman Colin MacDonald, who is now her fiancé. And her new album reflects those diverse emotional states. “Making [Utopia] has taken me to dark places, light places and places in the middle,” says Serena. “It’s my goal in life to find some kind of balance.” From the painful revelation of “The Flame” and the stark confession of “Rollercoaster” to the joyous “Electric Love” and the thumping “Got Your Number,” Ryder bares her soul like never before. Rich in pop hooks, infectious rock riffs and stadium-raising vocals that put her in league with Adele, this is the album that should make Ryder a global superstar.

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