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Oasis - Heathen Chemistry

Love ’em or hate ’em—and many dismiss them as arrogant wankers—Oasis are one of the world’s truly great rock ’n’ roll bands. It’s easy to grow weary of the battling Gallagher brothers, but few write better rock songs than Noel or sing them as convincingly as Liam. Already, “The Hindu Times” has been all over the airwaves. But it’s Noel’s anthemic “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” that will get lighters flickering at concerts. And the biggest surprise is Liam’s “Songbird.” Christ, the little twat can write too. Who knew?
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The Vines - Highly Evolved

Add Australia’s Vines to list of groups like Sweden’s Hives, Detroit’s White Stripes and New York’s Strokes who, if you believe the hype, are rock’s new saviors. Truth is, there’s something undeniably thrilling about any garage band that can conjure up magic from three chords and a kickass beat. All of these groups are doing that. Along with the requisite intensity, the Vines can also summon Beatlesque melodies and harmonies on songs like “Autumn Shade,” and the oh-so-sweet “Homesick.” Fookin’ brilliant.
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Robert Plant - Dreamland

Give Plant credit: he hasn’t succumbed to fans’ demands for him to reproduce Led Zeppelin’s sound. Instead, building on the global hybrid he and Jimmy Page forged on the No Quarter tour, he puts a new spin on classic folk, blues and psychedelic numbers using hypnotic Asian drones and complex Middle Eastern scales. Thus, Plant’s version of Bukka White’s “Funny in My Mind (I’m Fixin’ to Die)” would rock any casbah. And his rendition of Tim Buckley’s “Song to the Siren” boasts a transcendental eastern vibe.
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