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Elizabeth Cook - Hey Y’All

Here’s a concept: a Nashville country artist who sings real songs with real emotion. Although she’s from Ocala, Florida, Elizabeth Cook has been embraced by Music City, becoming a regular on the Grand Ole Opry and landing a big-time record deal. This is progress. Cook can belt out sexually charged honky tonkers like “Demon” or croon classic weepers like “Don’t Bother Me.” And her only cover is a dramatic, Roy Orbison-style arrangement of Jessi Colter’s “I’m Not Lisa.”  The real McCoy.
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Beck - Sea Change

He’s been called a smart-aleck surrealist drunk on hip-hop. And after Midnite Vultures, it looked like pop’s slacker savant had become a funky daddy with a super-charged sex drive. But maybe Beck really just wants to be a singer-songwriter. While his latest album still scavenges pop’s landscape, it’s mostly a revisionist folk record that owes more to moody artists like Tim or Jeff Buckley than Moby or the Beastie Boys. But what results: “Lost Cause” and “Guess I’m Doing Fine” are simply superb, mellifluous songs.
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The Boomers - Midway

The Boomers have carved out a market for themselves with pithy, mid-tempo rock for the over-40 set. Ian Thomas, who may be even funnier than his brother Dave Thomas, of SCTV fame, has a knack for writing honest, humorous views of midlife. And this cleverly titled album contains some of his best, including the oh-so-bittersweet “Life Goes On.” But the best is “I Don’t Feel Particularly Old.” “When I look in the mirror,” he deadpans, “Keith Richards looks back at me.” Geritol for adult contemporary listeners.
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