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Not by Choice - Maybe One Day

Is Toronto’s suburban wasteland a breeding ground for punk-lite? First there was Sum 41 from Newmarket, and now along comes Not by Choice, formed in “the hallowed halls of a faceless Ajax, Ontario secondary institution.” Led by singer Mike Bilcox, the four-piece band performs peppy, wistful songs about unrequited love. Although the material is woefully one-dimensional, the band is as hyper as a teenager on a first date. Catchy choruses abound, especially on the Green Day knockoff, “Make My Day.”
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David Wilcox - Rockin’ the Boogie: Best of Blues & Boogie

More proof that Canada produces the best guitar pickers on the planet. This long-overdue retrospective shows that David Wilcox possesses fast fretwork, evocative fingerpicking and mind-blowing string bending. He also has a wicked wit to match his lightning-fast licks. The emphasis here is on his raucous roadhouse material, including “Rockin’ the Boogie,” made famous by Olympic skaters Jamie Salé and David Pelletier, and “That Hypnotizin’ Boogie,” from Tom Cruise’s Cocktail movie. But it’s all awesome.
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Junior Kimbrough - You Better Run

The cotton-patch blues of the late Mississippi bluesman Junior Kimbrough are deeply disturbing. Full of exhortations of a violent and sexual nature, they speak of primal urges and human failings. Played over repetitive one-chord grooves, songs like “Release Me” echo droning, hypnotic Malian music, while “Done Got Old” has a plaintive simplicity. But nothing on this retrospective prepares for the harrowing title track, which begins as a tale of rape and ends as a love story. Mean blues, yes, but blues with meaning.
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