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Angélique Kidjo - Djin Djin

Kidjo reigns as world music’s greatest star, an African diva whose albums and videos have consistently set the highest standards. Previously, she’s collaborated with Dave Matthews and Cassandra Wilson and covered Hendrix and Gershwin. But on her eighth album Kidjo pulls out all the stops, teaming up with chums Peter Gabriel, Josh Groban, Alicia Keys and Joss Stone, with whom she belts out a beat-crazed version of “Gimme Shelter.” But the real highlight is her stunning acapella rendition of Ravel’s “Bolero.”
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The Cliks - Snakehouse

This Toronto garage pop power trio is fronted by Lucas Silveira, a transgendered male who sings with the passion and panache of Chrissie Hynde. Moe Berg, of the Pursuit of Happiness, was impressed enough by Silveira’s songwriting to produce this gritty, infectious debut. While the first track, “Complicated,” has already been featured on The L Word, tortured numbers like “Misery” and “Back in Style” and the group’s reggae-fied take on Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” are damn-fine Clik tracks not to be missed. Apr. 24
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Stars of Track & Field - Centuries Before Love & War

Is this Portland trio really the new Coldplay? Listening to Kevin Calaba’s dreamy voice and the group’s soaring songs, it’s easy to think so. The band’s “Movies of Antarctica” is a giddy slice of guitars and electronic programming that aims for arena-rock greatness. And Calaba’s and guitarist Jason Bell’s harmonies on “Arithmatik” are undeniably cool. But as emotionally rich as “With You” is, it never climaxes as powerfully as Coldplay’s “Fix You.” Ultimately, the new kids on the alt-pop block can’t quite win the foot race. Apr. 24
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