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Stars of Track & Field - Centuries Before Love & War

Is this Portland trio really the new Coldplay? Listening to Kevin Calaba’s dreamy voice and the group’s soaring songs, it’s easy to think so. The band’s “Movies of Antarctica” is a giddy slice of guitars and electronic programming that aims for arena-rock greatness. And Calaba’s and guitarist Jason Bell’s harmonies on “Arithmatik” are undeniably cool. But as emotionally rich as “With You” is, it never climaxes as powerfully as Coldplay’s “Fix You.” Ultimately, the new kids on the alt-pop block can’t quite win the foot race. Apr. 24
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Bebel Gilberto - Momento

Gilberto’s father, Joao, is the godfather of Brazilian bossa nova, while her stepmother, Astrud, is the voice behind “The Girl from Ipanema.” Bebel stepped out of her family’s shadow with Tanto Tempo and its companion remix album, both tinged with electronica. Her self-titled sophomore album stuck closer to chill-out samba sounds. Here, working with producer Guy Sigsworth (Madonna, Björk) she goes for mid-tempo grooves like “Bring Back the Love,” a sensuous dance number featuring New York’s Brazilian Girls. Apr. 24
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Various artists - Tribute to Joni Mitchell

It must please Mitchell no end that nearly half of the songs by admirers here come from her often overlooked post-folk period. Björk, Elvis Costello and jazz pianist Brad Mehldau all tackle material from The Hissing of Summer Lawns, while Caetano Veloso brings his Brazilian vibe to “Dreamland” from Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter. Mind you, there are several songs drawn from Mitchell’s quintessential album Blue, including Prince’s stunning, falsetto-drenched version of “A Case of You,” which steals the show. Apr. 24
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