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Shakin' All Over: Canadian Pop Music in the 1960s

Shakin' All Over: Canadian Pop Music in the 1960s

 A two-hour documentary that initially aired on Canadian TV in January, 2006 and was released on DVD on December 11, 2007.

The documentary captures the sounds of the 1960s in Canada, from the folk music of Ian and Sylvia, and the rhythm 'n blues of Ronnie Hawkins, to the many other legendary stars like Joni Mitchell, The Guess Who, Neil Young, Anne Murray, The Band, cult heroes like David Wiffen, The Collectors and Mashmakhan, and some of Canada's brightest younger stars including Blue Rodeo, Barenaked Ladies and Sarah Harmer.

Full of candid interviews with more than 60 iconic figures.





Here is a list of all the songs featured, taken from concert footage and TV shows, in order of appearance:

The Folk Boom

 “Four Strong Winds” – Ian & Sylvia

“You Were On My Mind” – original by Ian & Sylvia – performed by Andy Maize, Blue Rodeo, Molly Johnson, Jane Siberry and others

 “Now That the Buffalo’s Gone” – Buffy Sainte-Marie

“Universal Soldier” – Buffy Sainte-Marie

“Early Morning Rain” – Gordon Lightfoot

“Did She Mention My Name” – Gordon Lightfoot

“Canadian Railroad Trilogy” – Gordon Lightfoot

“If You Could Read My Mind” – original by Gordon Lightfoot – performed by Ron Sexsmith

The Beat Club

“Man from Adano” – The Esquires 

“Does Your Mama Know About Me?” – Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers 

 “Aces High” – The Classics

“Looking at a Baby” – The Collectors

“Rain-O” – Chilliwack

“Half Past Midnight” – The Staccatos 

“Signs” - Five Man Electrical Band

“Absolutely Right” - Five Man Electrical Band 

“These Eyes” – The Guess Who

“These Eyes” – original by The Guess Who – performed by Maestro (as “Stick to Your Vision”)

 “No Time” – The Guess Who

“American Woman” – original by The Guess Who – performed by Jeff Healey, Margo Timmins, Tom Cochrane, Ian Thornley and others

“Think I Care” – The Paupers 

“Side I Am” – Kensington Market 

 “Pour qui, pour quo” – Les Sultans 

“Les ailes d’un ange” – Robert Charlebois

“As the Years Go By” – Mashmakhan

“1-2-5” – The Haunted

“A Long Time Ago” – The Seeds of Time

“Gaslight” – The Ugly Ducklings

“Ball and Chain” – The Great Scots

“Square Headed People” – The Sparrow

 “Magic Carpet Ride” – Steppenwolf

“Born to Be Wild” – Steppenwolf

“Who Do You Love” – Ronnie Hawkins & The Band

“The Weight” – The Band 

“It’s Happening” – Robbie Lane & the Disciples

“Opportunity” – The Mandala

“Love-it is” – The Mandala

“When I Die” – Motherlode

“Try a Little Harder” – Dr. Music

“Walkin’ on Thin Air” – Luke & the Apostles

“Bring it Down Front” – Jon and Lee & the Checkmates

“Walk That Walk” – David Clayton-Thomas & the Shays 

 “Brainwashed” – David Clayton-Thomas & the Bossmen

 “Spinning Wheel” – Blood, Sweat & Tears

The New Troubadors

“Coat of Colours” – Three’s a Crowd 

“Musical Friends” – Bruce Cockburn 

“Going to the Country” – Bruce Cockburn

“Spring Song” – Bruce Cockburn

“Lovers in a Dangerous Time” – original by Bruce Cockburn – performed by Barenaked Ladies

“Lucifer’s Blues” – David Wiffen

 “Back on the Street” – Murray McLauchlan

“Honky Red” – Murray McLauchlan 

 “Smiling Wine” – Ian & Sylvia with Great Speckled Bird 

“Snowbird” – Gene MacLellan

“Snowbird” – performed by Anne Murray

“Suzanne” – original by Leonard Cohen– performed by The Stormy Clovers 

 “Bird on a Wire” – original by Leonard Cohen – performed by Aaron Neville 

 “Suzanne” – Leonard Cohen

“Night in the City” – Joni Mitchell 

“California” – Joni Mitchell 

“A Case of You” – original by Joni Mitchell – performed by Diana Krall

 “Heart of Gold” – Neil Young

 “Helpless” – Neil Young with The Band

The Dawn of CanCon

“One Fine Morning” – Lighthouse

“Oh What a Feeling” – Crowbar


Here is a list of all artists interviewed in the documentary:


Richard Patterson (Esquires, Three’s a Crowd)

Les Emmerson (Staccatos, Five Man Electrical Band)

Claire Lawrence (Collectors, Chilliwack)

Jerry Mercer (Mashmakhan, April Wine)

Eugene Martynec (Bobby Kris & the Imperials, Kensington Market)

Robbie Lane (Robbie Lane & the Disciples)

Murray McLauchlan

Luke Gibson (Luke & the Apostles, Kensington Market)

Brent Titcomb (Three’s a Crowd)

Keith McKie (Kensington Market)

Bill Henderson (Collectors, Chilliwack)

Howie Vickers (Collectors)

Jurgen Peter (Haunted)

Kelly Jay (Crowbar)

Amos Garrett (Dirty Shames, Great Speckled Bird)

John Kay (Sparrow, Steppenwolf)

Adam Mitchell (Paupers)

George Olliver (Mandala)

Dave Bingham (Ugly Ducklings)

Skip Prokop (Paupers, Lighthouse)

Domenic Troiano (Mandala, Bush)

Robbie Robertson (Hawks, Band)

Sylvia Tyson

Randy Bachman (The Guess Who)

Burton Cummings (The Guess Who)

Bruce Cockburn

Anne Murray

Garth Hudson (The Band)


Harvey Glatt (Le Hibou, Treble Clef)

Denis Faulkner (Le Hibou)

Penny Faulkner (Le Hibou)

Bernie Finkelstein (Cockburn, True North Records)

Frank Davies (Crowbar, Daffodil)

Duff Roman (David Clayton Thomas, Roman Records)

Bob Masse (poster artist)

Terry David Mulligan (DJ)

Red Robinson (DJ)

Jerry Kruz (Afterthought owner)

Mary Martin (Leonard Cohen, Band)

Donald Tarlton (promoter)


Tom Wilson (Junkhouse, Blackie & the Rodeo Kings)

Michael & Margo Timmins (Cowboy Junkies)

Sarah Harmer

Chantal Kreviazuk

Neil Osborne (54-40)

Steven Drake (The Odds)

Matthew Good

Shaun Verreault (Wide Mouth Mason)

Colin Linden

Derek Miller


Greg Keelor (Blue Rodeo)

Hawksley Workman

Andy Maize & Ron Macy (Skydiggers)

Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo)

Jay Ferguson (Sloan)

Gordie Johnson (Big Sugar)

Susan Aglukark

Steven Page (Barenaked Ladies)

Sarah Slean



Gary McGroarty, director

Nicholas Jennings, writer, researcher, interviewer

Bill Kerrigan, cinematographer

Chris Holmes, editor

Joe Sherman, graphic designer

Pierre Touchette & Nick Orchard, producers


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