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Feature Article: Juno Awards - Rock, the Canadian way

It's Juno week again. And once more, those vying for awards in Canadian music's biggest lovefest run the gamut from artistic to plastic-from the always compelling Leonard Cohen to the prefabricated pop quartet Sugar Jones. The Junos, Canada's answer to the Grammys, have always been rife with eccentricities, as Cohen noted in 1993 while accepting an award. "It's only in a country like this," mused the man with the infamous monotone, "that I could get Male Vocalist of the Year." Cohen's competition that year included Neil Young, who is also not known for his dulcet tones. Young won the award two years later. After that, the category name was changed to Best Male Artist to prevent more bad joke...
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Leonard Cohen - Songs from the Road

When the revered singer-songwriter toured the world in 2008, after an absence of 15 years, his return was hailed by one newspaper as “an event of Biblical dimensions.” That tour was documented on last year’s fine DVD Live in London. This CD-DVD serves as an excellent companion package, capturing stellar live performances from Tel Aviv to San Jose of such beloved hits as “Suzanne,” “Hallelujah” and “Closing Time” and featuring backstage interviews conducted by Leonard’s own daughter, Lorca Cohen.
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