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The home of music journalist Nicholas Jennings, author of Lightfoot, the definitive new Gordon Lightfoot biography from Penguin Random House.

The Chieftains featuring Ry Cooder San Patricio

The Chieftains - San PatricioWith St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, the latest from Ireland’s Grammy-winning musical ambassadors is a timely, if unusual, treat. Working with guests like Linda Ronstadt, Liam Neeson and Lila Downs, Paddy Moloney and his fellow Chieftains explore the little-known story of Irish soldiers who fought and died for Mexico in the Mexican-American War, mixing music from both cultures. It’s a surprisingly sweet synthesis, as boleros and rancheras blend almost seamlessly with Irish air and reels.

Peter Gabriel - Scratch My Back
Feature Article: Dan Hill - Coming Full Circle

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