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The home of music journalist Nicholas Jennings, author of Lightfoot, the definitive new Gordon Lightfoot biography from Penguin Random House.

Billy Joel - Piano Man Legacy Edition

Billy Joel - Piano Man Legacy EditionBefore he was a globe-trotting pop star with supermodel wives, Joel was a lounge artist stuck in a Los Angeles bar. His breakthrough recording, with its title track mirroring those struggling days, turned everything around, establishing the Bronx-born artist as a chart-topping singer-pianist to rival Elton John. This 2-CD edition of the album, featuring such Elton-like numbers as “Captain Jack” and “Stop in Nevada,” includes a long-lost 1972 radio concert with several of Joel’s earliest love songs available for the first time.

Drake - Take Care
Music Review: Diana Ross & the Supremes - 50th Ann...

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