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Jakob Dylan - Women & Country

Jakob Dylan - Women & Country

Jakob Dylan has forged a musical career in the shadow of his celebrity dad. The youngest of four children born to Bob Dylan and his ex-wife Sara, Jakob found comfort—if not anonymity—as a member of the Wallflowers, rockers whose 1996 album, Bringing Down the Horse, produced three Top 40 singles, won two Grammy Awards and sold four million copies. During that time, interview questions about his famous father were strictly off limits.

Two years ago, Jakob invited parental comparison when he released Seeing Things, his folky solo debut. Now he has released the fine Women & Country. “Some of the things I’ve done, I’m educated enough to know it’s not necessarily the kind of music he always responds to,” admits Jakob, about his dad. “But I’m always excited for him to hear the music, and he’s always encouraging, and always has been.” At the same time, Jakob added, “I do think there are certain things about [the new album] that he’ll recognize, and that he may appreciate more than others.”

Indeed, Women & Country features haunting, image-rich lyrics and music. Jakob sounds a lot like Bob on the banjo-laden “We Don’t Live Here Anymore,” one of a number of songs about disappointment and uncertainty. “We’ve hunted these hills dry,” he sings on “Everybody’s Hurting,” “we’ve long outlasted the winter and our last woodpile.” Backed by superb musicians and stellar singers Neko Case and Kelly Hogan, a rejuvenated Jakob proves the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree.


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