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Leonard Cohen - Live in Dublin

cohenCall him Mr. Indefatigable. The Montreal-born artist just turned 80, but continues to thrill fans with his creative output. On the heels of his Popular Problems album comes this 3CD/DVD set recorded and shot last year at Dublin’s 02 Arena (the DVD includes bonus songs from the Canadian tour). Featuring over three hours of music, this is Cohen at his best. “Don’t know when we’ll meet again,” he says, “but I promise you that tonight we’ll give you everything that we got.” And he’s good to his word. Supported by his stellar band and backup singers, the fedora-sporting songman delivers superb performances from his songbook. Highlights include his earliest hit from the 1960s, “Suzanne,” his ’80s nugget “Everybody Knows” and his ’90s classic “Closing Time.” But he also turns the spotlight over to singers Sharon Robinson on “Alexandra Leaving” and Britain’s angelic Webb Sisters on “If It Be Your Will.” Tireless as well as generous, Cohen is that rare legend who keeps on giving.

Iggy Azalea - Re-Classified
One Direction - Four

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