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Lightfoot - The book that finally allows you to read his mind


Gordon Lightfoot is notoriously shy. The man who wrote such classic songs as “Sundown, “Early Morning Rain” and most famously “If You Could Read My Mind” has always kept his personal life private, preferring to let his music speak for him.

Now, for the first time in his long and celebrated career, the legendary artist has allowed a comprehensive biography to be published that takes readers deep inside his world, into his fascinating back story and the influences and relationships that inspired and shaped his most popular songs.

Lightfoot granted Nicholas Jennings unprecedented access to him through long and extensive interviews. It was a trust earned over many years. Besides interviews, he shared rare photographs from his personal archives and opened doors so that Jennings could also interview his innermost circle, including family, friends and band members.

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The result, titled simply  Lightfoot, provides revelations about his idyllic childhood in Orillia, his determination to break into music and his meteoric rise to the top. The biography also sheds light on the cost he paid for his fame and success—including troubled relationships, his battle with alcohol and near-death experiences.

Lightfoot, a 336-page book that includes 48 photographs and a complete discography, is both an inspiring story of redemption and an exhilarating read. Published throughout North America by Penguin Random House, it comes out on September 26th.

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