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The home of music journalist Nicholas Jennings, author of Lightfoot, the definitive new Gordon Lightfoot biography from Penguin Random House.

Terri Clark - Pain to Kill

Look out, Shania. Although Clark’s been around the block, she’s come up with a stronger collection of no-nonsense, kick-ass country songs than Twain’s much ballyhooed Up!  Originally from Medicine Hat, Clark has been hanging her Stetson in Nashville for years. But her latest album avoids the usual trappings of Music City productions. Tunes like “Working Girl” and “I Wanna Do It All” are fresh, instant classics. And Clark’s own bittersweet trilogy of love-gone-wrong songs boasts an admirable honesty.
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Björk - Family Tree

How very Björk. This six-CD collection, packaged in a custom-made transparent pink plastic case designed by Parisian design team M/M with illustrations by Icelandic artist Gabriella Fridriksdottir, is easily this season’s most eccentric box set. Each of the CDs (five 3-inch discs and one 5-inch disc) has its own theme: roots and strings (two discs each), beats and greatest hits (as chosen by her and not to be confused with the also available Greatest Hits , which was selected by fans who voted for their favourite songs at Björk’s official website). Are you still with us? There’s also a 16-page lyric booklet and a “family tree map,” basically a credit list with the elfin artist’s own handwrit...
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Stringband - The Indispensable 1972-2002

Like many fruitful partnerships, Bob Bossin and Marie-Lynn Hammond found beauty amid friction. Bossin was Stringband’s banjo player, political activist and all-round ham, while Hammond was its lead singer, resident eye candy and tasteful critic within the group who found Bossin’s penchant for corny jokes and mismatched socks intolerable. And yet, individually, each wrote inspired, folky slices of Canadiana and together made such classic albums as Canadian Sunset and National Melodies . This two-CD set collects Stringband’s best-known work, including Bossin’s "Newfoundlanders,” “The Maple Leaf Dog” and “Dief Will Be Chief Again” and Hammond’s “Vancouver,” “Country Music” and “I Don’t Sleep wi...
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