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Andy Kim - It’s Decided

An unlikely friendship between the 68-year-old behind pop hits like the Archies’ “Sugar Sugar” and Broken Social Scene’s 38-year-old Kevin Drew has produced a surprisingly fine cross-generational album. Along with a dreamy update of Kim’s “Shoot ‘Em Up Baby,” it features gems like the breezy “Sail On” and the moody “Sister OK.”
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Drake - If You’re Reading This, You’re Too Late

The sensitive rapper toughens up on his latest. “I’ve got enemies,” he admits on “Energy.” Drake then takes shots at his adversaries on dark tracks like “No Tellin’” and “Used To.” But his vulnerability shines through on “You and the 6,” where he confesses that his mother and his hometown of Toronto “raised me right.”
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Giorgio Moroder - "Right Here, Right Now"

“Disco music is alive and well,” said Gloria Gaynor a few years ago. “It simply changed its name to dance music to protect the innocent.” The “I Will Survive” singer was right: the sound of the glitter-ball era never really went away—it just moved into gyms as workout music. Now disco is back. One of last year’s biggest albums was Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories , which featured contributions from disco legends Nile Rodgers and Giorgio Moroder. Rodgers, the front man of Chic, recently announced that his “Le Freak” group will release its first new album in more than 20 years this summer. Moroder, who produced such massive dance hits as Donna Summer’s “Love to Love You, Baby,” is also relea...
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