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Travis - The Boy with No Name

Huge in Britain, Travis seemed destined to break big in North America—until Coldplay arrived to steal its swoon-pop thunder. The Scottish quartet, led by singer Fran Healy, may do better with its fifth studio album. Produced by Nigel Godrich (Radiohead), with help from Brian Eno, Travis’ latest features such dreamy, melodic numbers as “Closer,” “Colder” and “My Eyes,” about Healy’s now-named son, that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Coldplay album. Even Chris Martin admits that Travis “invented” Coldplay. May 8
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Oh Susanna - Short Stories

There was a time when Oh Susanna, a.k.a. Suzie Ungerleider, sang mostly murder ballads. Her songs still have an old-world luster, like intriguing sepia-toned photos, but now they embrace broader themes. Despite a couple of gunfight ditties, including a Bob Dylan cover, her fourth album is largely a collection of memorable songs about love and lust. And when she sings “Holy Roller,” with its parlor-like piano accompaniment, Ungerleider evokes Stephen Foster, from whose classic ballad she took her stage name.
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Frank Zappa - Apostrophe/Over-Nite Sensation

Fans of Funkadelic, Captain Beefheart and the Residents all point to Zappa as the godfather of eccentric rock. This DVD, the latest in the Classic Albums series, focuses on Zappa’s two breakthrough recordings of the 1970s, featuring hits like “Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow” and contributions from Tina Turner and ex-Cream bassist Jack Bruce. Son Dweezil acts as tour guide, while artists from Alice Cooper and Steve Vai to Billy Bob Thornton all pay tribute to the genius who claimed that “absurdity is the only reality.”
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