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The Lightfoot Band returns

The Lightfoot Band returns

The legacy of Gordon Lightfoot's music is in good hands, thanks to his longtime backing group of Rick Haynes, Barry Keane, Mike Heffernan and Carter Lancaster. Those veteran musicians are committed to keeping the master's songs alive. Last Saturday (Jan. 27), the Lightfoot Band made its debut at Toronto's El Mocambo with its newest member Andy Mauck on vocals and rhythm guitar. Anyone worried about how the American-born singer might sound delivering those classic songs can rest assured: Mauck, vocally, is a dead ringer for 1970s and '80s-era Lightfoot. Plus, he's humble as hell, repeatedly saying what an honour it was to be asked to join the band and sing the songs of his hero. "Gord was a size eight, I'm a twelve, and I can't come close to filling his shoes," Mauck told the sold-out crowd. But he's the best man for the job, someone who has sung Lightfoot material all his life and does so lovingly and respectfully, always in service to the song. Gord himself even approved of his covers. Fans can look forward to hearing note-perfect renditions of those beloved songs as the Lightfoot Band plans to tour in the months ahead. Band photo by Dave Powers.

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