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John Mayer - Paradise Valley

johnmayerHis romantic life has sometimes overshadowed his music career. The singer-guitarist, a seven-time Grammy winner who has sold over 20 million albums worldwide, has famously dated stars like Jessica Simpson, Jennifer Anniston and Taylor Swift. Lately, he seems to have settled down, buying a home in the Montana countryside and rekindling his love with Katy Perry. That happy state of affairs is confirmed by John Mayer’s new album. There’s a laidback feel to songs like “Wildlife,” with John suggesting “put your feet up next to mine/you and me been catching on like wildfire.” Named for the peaceful valley where he now resides, the album exudes all the back-porch intimacy and mellowness of a bucolic, sun-kissed setting. Country tinges abound, from finger-picked guitars on “Dear Marie” and “On the Way Home” to the pedal steel ache of “You’re No One Til Someone Let’s You Down.” Even the electric guitar solo in the middle of “Waiting on the Day” is tasteful and restrained. He’s in good voice, too, clearly recovered from the throat ailment that forced the cancellation of his last tour. With his personal life apparently in order, Mayer sounds like he’s found a little piece of paradise.

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