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Various Artists - Nuggets II: Artyfacts from the British Empire and Beyond

Displaying exemplary worldliness for a U.S. label, Rhino Records serves up strictly non-American garage rock classics on this fabulous box-set sequel. So instead of Yankee groups like the Electric Prunes and Strawberry Alarm Clock, this time we get bands like England’s Pretty Things and the wonderful Missing Links from Down Under. Best of all, the Great White North is represented by spaced-out punk screamers from Toronto’s Ugly Ducklings, Montreal’s the Haunted, Winnipeg’s the Jury and even the Guess Who—with our Burton at his sneering best.
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Blink 182 - Take Off Your Pants and Jacket

With their goofy, cartoon-like image, it’s easy not to take this California new-school punk trio seriously. But infectious tunes, deft musicianship and more than four million + sales of their last album, Enema of the State, prove these young dudes mean business. The new album, produced again by Jerry Finn, is bound to spawn numerous frantic singles, like their first bit of hyperactivity, “Rock Show.”
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Roxy Music - The Best of Roxy Music

What better time for a Roxy revival? Although England’s elegant art-rockers are getting rather long in the tooth, with dapper Bryan Ferry now 55 and looking it, their brand of lush romantic pop just seems so well suited to sultry summer nights. This 18-track compilation, featuring the sensuous hits “Avalon” and “Love is the Drug,” serves as a teaser to Roxy’s upcoming world tour—the band’s first since 1983.
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