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Blog Post: Q&A with Josh Groban

Josh Groban can turn heads with his soaring voice. But the bearded and boyish 37-year-old music Grammy nominee still goes largely unnoticed in public. That is bound to change as his TV and film appearances become more frequent and higher profile. This summer, Groban hosted the Tony Awards and is currently starring in the Netflix comedy-drama series The Good Cop, in which he plays the squeaky clean son of a corrupt police officer. Recently, we sat down with the versatile L.A.-born star to talk about his thriving career, Canadian connections and Bridges, his first album of original music in five years.What is it with you and Canada? You’ve co-written with so many Canadians, from Chantal Krevia...
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Josh Groban - All That Echoes

Grobanites are accustomed to their hero singing in different languages. Here, Josh duets in Italian with pop star Laura Pausini, tackles Spanish backed by Cuban trumpeter Arturo Sandoval and covers the great Stevie Wonder. But the L.A.-born singer-actor is also composing more memorable tunes, co-writing the inspirational “Brave” with Tawgs Salter and Chantal Kreviazuk.
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