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Seu Jorge - Live at Montreux

He’s best known as the guitar-strumming deckhand singing Portuguese renditions of David Bowie songs in The Life Aquatic (he also starred in City of God). But Brazil’s Jorge (pronounced SAY-oo ZHOR-zhee) capitalized on the exposure with 2005’s Cru, a charming collection of original compositions. This performance, also available on DVD, was recorded the same year and features many of Cru’s sun-baked classics, including the joyful “Te Queria” and “Mania de Peitao,” a wry, cautionary tale about breast implants. Mar. 27      
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Macy Gray - Big

The title fits: Gray stands nearly six foot tall in her stocking feet. But it could just as easily apply to what’s in store for the funky single mama. Gray’s latest gets songwriting and production assists from Justin Timberlake and Black Eyed Peas’ will.i.am, while the Peas’ Fergie joins her on “Glad You’re Here” and Natalie Cole lends her pipes to “Finally Made Me Happy,” one of several kiss-off songs to Gray’s ex-husband. Make no mistake, the towering soul diva with the Betty Boop voice is back—with a vengeance. Mar. 27
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John Butler Trio - Grand National

The dude from Down Under is back with his latest collection of jam-rock stoner epics. A dazzling, earth-hugging guitarist, Butler has toned down the politics this time around in favor of a more infectious groove. Songs like the hot banjo workout “Better Than,” the horny “Daniella” and the hyperactive “Funky Tonight” are indicative of his new agenda. At times, he tries a little too hard: “Groovin’ Slowly” is embarrassingly bad white-boy reggae. But mostly Butler, the dreadlocked wizard of Oz, manages to keep it pretty real. Mar. 27   
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