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Tinariwen - Aman Iman

Their fans include Thom Yorke, Robert Plant and Carlos Santana and it’s easy to see why. These nomadic tribesmen from the Sahara desert create dusty, windswept sounds that are haunting and wildly adventurous. The title of the group’s third album translates as “Water is Life.” And tracks like the trance song “Awa Didjen,” the wailing “Assouf” and the anthemic “Matadjem Yinmixan” have stirring qualities that are as life-affirming as clean water or fresh air. Breathe this in, drink deeply and feel its intoxicating effects. Mar. 27
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Great Lake Swimmers - Ongiara

The Swimmers’ latest was partly recorded on the Toronto Islands. Tony Dekker and company traveled there by boat, the Ongiara, thus giving the album its name. Some songs are inspired by the Canadian outdoors, including the Neil Young-style “Your Rocky Spine” and the fiddle-fuelled “Put There by the Land.” Elsewhere, a hushed beauty descends over the album, assisted by the guest contributions of Sarah Harmer, Serena Ryder, Final Fantasy’s Owen Pallett and Blue Rodeo’s Bob Egan. Acoustic magic.Mar. 27 
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Seu Jorge - Live at Montreux

He’s best known as the guitar-strumming deckhand singing Portuguese renditions of David Bowie songs in The Life Aquatic (he also starred in City of God). But Brazil’s Jorge (pronounced SAY-oo ZHOR-zhee) capitalized on the exposure with 2005’s Cru, a charming collection of original compositions. This performance, also available on DVD, was recorded the same year and features many of Cru’s sun-baked classics, including the joyful “Te Queria” and “Mania de Peitao,” a wry, cautionary tale about breast implants. Mar. 27      
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