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Sam Roberts - Love at the End of the World

The latest from Roberts and his bearded bandmates is chock full of anxious anthems for our edgy times, from the uneasy “Stripmall Religion” and the twitchy “Them Kids” to the apocalyptic “End of the Empire,” with its Hip-like boogie guitar. And “Detroit ’67,” which reflects on the Motor City riots, is Roberts’ response to the Lightfoot classic “Black Day in July.” But hope is never far away from his worldview, as in the stirring title track and the joyous singalong “Lions of the Kalahari,” a shout out to his baby girl.
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Johnny Cash - American V: A Hundred Highways

The appetite for Cash shows no signs of abating. This release will please fans who like their Man in Black raw and unadulterated. With spare accompaniment, Cash sings about love and salvation on stark originals like “I Came to Believe” and “Like the 309” (the last song he wrote before his death) and covers by Hank Williams and Bruce Springsteen. For Canadian Cash-aholics, his interpretations of Ian Tyson’s “Four Strong Winds” and Gordon Lightfoot’s “If You Could Read My Mind” are a cool, maple-leaf waving bonus. July 4
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Riverboat Plaque Presentation

Heritage Toronto press release: On June 18 2009, Heritage Toronto was joined by some of Canada's most notable musicians to commemorate famed Yorkville coffeehouse, the Riverboat.  Located in the narrow basement of a house at 134 Yorkville Ave, the Riverboat was opened in 1964 by Bernie Fiedler and became the best-known coffeehouse in Canada. Over its history, the Riverboat stage was graced by Canada's music elite, including Joni Mitchell, Neil Young and Gordon Lightfoot. The Riverboat remained open until 1977, by which time it was the sole remaining coffeehouse in the area. A number of musicians who graced The Riverboat's stage during its illustrious life attended the event, includ...
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