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Music Feature: Femi Kuti - Keeping Fela's Afrobeat alive

His father cast a long shadow. Fela Anikulapo Kuti was a musical star and political icon whose global popularity made him both a hero and an enemy of the state in his native Nigeria. But Femi Kuti has learned to live in that shadow. As the son of the inventor of the politically charged, wildly percussive music known as Afro-beat, Femi has picked up where his legendary father, who died in 1997, left off. Signed to a French record label, Femi has taken Afro-beat and fused it with elements of soul and hip-hop to create one of this spring’s most talked-about releases. Titled Shoki Shoki (Barclay/Universal), the powerful album promises to make a star of the 37-year-old singer-saxophonist, who has...
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Sade - Soldier of Love

Her sultry music was once the soundtrack for countless dinner parties. Mixing pop accessibility with jazz sophistication, Sade the singer and the band that bears her name crafted an exquisite sound that sold 50 million albums and won Grammy Awards in 1985 and in each of the next two decades. From Diamond Life and Stronger than Pride to Lovers Rock, Sade’s music remained cool, sensual and, above all, mellow. The diamond life began when the Nigerian fashion student born Helen Folasade Adu was recruited by musician friends in London to become their vocalist. Hits like “Cool Operator” and “The Sweetest Taboo” soon followed and Sade proved to be a cool operator herself, negotiating a lucrative pe...
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