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Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 40th Anniversary Edition

It was the biggest blockbuster in a career that has produced many. Recorded in 1973 at “the height of our powers,” as Elton puts it today, in his favorite honky chateau when he was just 26, the album topped worldwide charts and sold over 15 million copies. Now remastered and available in deluxe two-disc and super deluxe five-disc sets, it showcases Elton’s wide musical range and features a “revisited” collection of covers by contemporary artists and his own live performance that year at London’s Hammersmith Odeon. Hearing the Rocket Man’s original versions of classics alongside interpretations by young stars like Hunter Hayes and Emeli Sandé reveals the depth of those great songs. Ed Sheeran...
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Elton John - The Diving Board

Elton’s on a creative roll. After the success of his last album, the T-Bone Burnett-produced The Union, on which Elton collaborated with his hero Leon Russell, the Rocket Man has another winner. Also produced by T-Bone, The Diving Board finds Elton diving back into a stripped-down roots sound. “It’s got everything I love about American music,” he says, “gospel, soul country. It’s the most piano-orientated record I’ve ever made (and) the most adult record I can make at my age.” Now 66, Elton has rarely been so inspired, as he deals with themes of aging, mortality and memory. “Home Again” is a backward-glancing ballad full of yearning, while “Take This Dirty Water” is a rocking gospel about ro...
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Kate Bush - 50 Words for Snow

In this age of instant gratification, of rushed recordings and downloaded singles, it’s unusual to come across a thoughtful, unhurried concept album. But, then, England’s Kate Bush is that rare songbird, a gifted artist who rejects market trends to follow her muse. Bush’s latest is a quiet masterpiece, offering seven tracks of gorgeous, wintry piano-pop. The drifting “Snowflake” features the choirboy vocals of her 12-year-old son, Bertie, while the moody “Snowed in at Wheeler Street” includes a chilling duet with Elton John.
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